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Screen unlock CM Security swipe 9 dots of Lenovo A889 phone preserving data

Manufacturer: Lenovo
Device: A889
Operating system: Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean
Lock type: CM Security
Unlocked: yes
Unlock results: 9 dots swipe
Unlock worktime: 1 day
Unlock date: 2016-06-19

Additional services

Full phone backup for preserving forensics artifacts.

Customer's review

"After the first 7 dots swipe pattern lock screen unlock the Lenovo A889 got the USB debug enabled. When trying to do the forensics work needed, it turned out that some applications got CM Security. Removing CM Security is not an option when doing forensics jobs, since the phone data would be altered. revealed a 9 dots CM Security swipe in the same day! Thanks! (Forensics expert)"